Room management 101

Nirvan Gupta
3 min readJan 6, 2021

So I am a teenager whose room would be the one you would want to sleep in but I somehow do. Over the past two years I have learnt and used a few tricks to keep my room clean and tidy and not a cluttered mess like it was.

To clean your room you first need to understand what the problem is or else it would take you ours to do something that take only 5 minutes. There are a few problems like Dirty clothes, An untidy bed, a place in your room that has everything you could ever imagine, and last but not least The infamous drawers. These would take you fifteen minutes total to finish but if you have free time you could vacuum and mop the place to make it look stop less, and/or wipe your study table (if you have you) with a damp cloth. Now that you have identified the problem then it’s time to clean up.

The first thing that you are going to tackle is clothing which is very very very hard to keep managed because you don’t know where something is or your wardrobe is just filled with piles of clothing that need to be folded and put away. One method I use is rolling your clothing for example t-shirts, shorts, trousers, legging, and underwear. rolling these types of clothing make it easier to store and maintain. For shirts and jackets use hangers and seperate the two from each other to not make it look like an unorganized clothing boutique.

After cleaning up your closet or wardrobe the next big thing that you are most likely to clean up is dirty clothing, but there is a problem in identifying which is clean and which is not, so the best ways to see which one is dirty is to see which of the clothing is inside not and which is not, the ones that are inside out those are the ones that need washing and the ones that are not don’t, but what if you open your clothing the right way? Well you simply use a basket to separate clean and dirty laundry as to not mix them up.

Now that the laundry is all done and finished with start up by clean and making the bed because the bed is the thing that makes up most of your room and is the first thing people look at when they enter your room so make tidy make it wrinkless and make those pillows of your soft and fluffy by beating the life out of it (hehe) and covers nice and tidy. adding an extra ornaments and other accessories that is not required will result in it looking like a bed in a 3 star hotel room.

The last of your room is the tables and drawers and to do that simply put the things and clothing on your table in their respective places and wipe it with a damp cloth. For the drawer you might need a trash bag as you might find some undesirables and wrappers that need to be thrown away. and after finishing all that your room will look like a 5 star hotel room.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoy your clean and tidy room.



Nirvan Gupta

I am a 14 year old trying to help people in any way possible